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White Theatre General Info

Theater Auditions in Kansas City

Upcoming Audition Opportunities at The White Theatre

The White Theatre is a 500-seat performing arts theatre that directs, produces, and hosts hundreds of high-caliber performances each year. We are able to put on these productions because of amazing local talent -- like you! We hold theater auditions in Kansas City for both students and professional actors to fill the stage in our main season productions. We strive to find the best Kansas City has - the top singers, actors, and dancers. If you think you could be one of those, please check out the information below. Most theatre auditions will be held at The White Theatre at The Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City unless otherwise noted.


The Jellybean Conspiracy Auditions

February 15 - 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Please contact Megan Segars to reserve an audition time. Please state which Act (or both) you would like to audition for.

Show Description:

The Jellybean Conspiracy show is made up of two different parts: "Voices from the Heart" and "Dance with Me", which are performed together as a two-act show. The Jellybean Conspiracy brings together differently-abled students in a show of solidarity, strength and understanding.


Act I: Voices from the Heart features a series of stories, songs, dances, and video presentations by differently-abled people and their families. While there are some elements that will be pre-scripted, the rest of the first “act” will feature original work from/by our performers. As an example, in the original production of Jellybean a mother reads an original poem about her daughter who is on the autism spectrum. In the background, her daughter, who is a dancer, performs an interpretive dance as the poem is read. Auditioners will be encouraged to bring their own works to perform.


Act II: "Dance With Me" by Linda Daugherty, Playwright in Residence, Dallas Children's Theatre, is a one act play about a young high school student, Cricket and her brother, Tom (or sister, Tam), a young person with Down Syndrome. The semi-autobiographical story follows Cricket in her journey of acceptance, pride and love for her sibling: first, hiding her family from her friends, then searching for ways to “fix” things, and finally coming to terms with the value, strength and beauty of her family, just as it is.


"Dance With Me" features roles for 15 people, plus ensemble:

  • Cricket - A teenage girl
  • Tom (Tam) – Cricket’s older brother (or sister) who has Down Syndrome
  • Reese – A teenage boy and would-be friend of Cricket
  • Bennet - Science teacher – adult male or female
  • Students (9) – Cricket’s classmates
  • Lena – Cricket and Tom’s/Tam’s aunt
  • “Garth” – A country music star (and Tom’s/Tam’s visualization of his inner self)

If possible, we plan to cast two individuals in the Tom/Tam role. Each performer will act in two of the four performances.


Act I: Voices from the Heart Audition Needs:

This act is all about telling personal stories. Please come to auditions ready to tell us your personal story. We’d love to see anything you have worked on that speaks to you. This could be a song you like, a poem you wrote, a video of you doing what you love, or simply you telling us about yourself.


Act II: "Dance With Me" Audition Needs:

Please prepare 1 short dramatic monologue and 1 short comedic monologue of your choice. In total, both monologues combined should last between 3-5 minutes.


A note from Howard Martin, The Jellybean Conspiracy's founder:

…imagine a human community as a jar of jellybeans. All different sizes and shapes, some gifted one way, some another, but no person without a distinct gift and no one person ultimately more important than another. In a jellybean community, each person is recognized as having a unique and irreplaceable contribution to make and each one is able to hear the words, "This person is just right."

The Jellybean Conspiracy is a way of discovering what it takes to realize such a community. We call it a "conspiracy" because it brings people together to pass on a secret of potentially life-changing significance. The word is made up of two parts: "con-" which means "together," and "spir-" which means, "to breathe." To conspire is thus "to breathe together" or "to breathe as one."

The Jellybean Secret is this: everyone’s life is important. According to Jellybean wisdom, we lay the foundation for a healthy community when each person — including the ones whose gifts are most hidden — is accepted as he or she is and given a fair opportunity to develop his or her potential. Surely that’s a secret worth passing on.



The White Theatre has Directing opportunities for the 2020-2021 Season

If you're interested, please email your resume to Megan Segars. This is a paid opportunity.


KC SuperStar - 2020 Auditions

We are back and ready for you to show us what you've got! Join us by auditioning for our singing competition in Kansas City to showcase your talent. If you sing, attend high school in the Kansas City metro or surrounding areas, then we want to give you an opportunity to perform and compete for $10,000 and the title of KC SuperStar. Auditions will be held at The Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City. Please review the following before submitting your audition form.

Rules & Eligibility Requirements  Performance Release

Audition Dates:

March 8 | 1:00 - 3:00 pm

March 11 | 5:00 - 7:00 pm


Audition Registration Form   Learn More About KC SuperStar

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