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Jewish Holidays + Fun Info

The J's Guide to The Hebrew Calendar and Other Fun Tidbits

Whether you're Jewish, a J Member, or neither, you may be interested to learn about the many Jewish holidays that take place during the year. We hope you'll find this information educational as you learn and perhaps observe these holidays and traditions. First fun fact -- the Hebrew calendar is actually a lunisolar calendar, meaning that months begin at the sight of a new moon. The Jewish day begins in the at night and ends with day. This is why all Jewish holidays begin at sunset prior to the first full day.


Jewish Holidays Shabbat


Time to unplug! Shabbat is a day of rest and celebration that begins every Friday at sunset, to Saturday just after sunset. Challah, wine, and Shabbat candles can often be found on the Shabbat dinner table.

Every Friday morning at The J, our CDC friends sing songs, light candles, and think about the kind and restful things they will be doing with their families that evening. The community is warmly invited to join them in welcoming Shabbat during our family-friendly Shabalala and Share Shabbat programs.

Shabbat Candle Lighting Schedule for Leawood


Rosh Chodesh

This is the beginning of the new month in the Hebrew calendar, which is marked by the birth of a new moon. Rosh Chodesh has long been considered a special holiday for women, and many Jewish women will gather for a wide variety of activities on this day.

Women and girls of all ages are invited to attend our monthly Rosh Chodesh gathering:

Monthly New Moon Women's Circle


Upcoming Holidays

SukkotJewish Holidays Sukkot

Feast of Tabernacles

Sukkot is a joyous historical and harvest holiday marked by the construction of temporary outdoor huts or sukkot (singular: sukkah) in which friends and families gather for meals and, more traditionally, to live in temporarily, reminding us of when the Hebrews wandered in the desert on their way to Canaan. These open and insecure structures cause us to consider our own vulnerability.

2020: Friday, October 2 (at sunset) - Saturday, October 9 | The J closes on the first day, and at 6 pm on the last day in observance


Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah

Eighth Day of Assembly and Celebrating the Torah

For Simchat Torah, Jews gather in synagogue to read the last portion of the Torah and begin the new annual reading cycle, accompanied by parades and joyous dancing with the Torah.

Did you know? Liberal Jews combine the observance of Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, while traditional Jews observe them on two different days.

2020: Saturday, October 10 - Sunday, October 11 | The J closes the first day in observance


Jewish Holiday Information


Rosh Hashanah

Yom Kippur


Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah


Tu B'Shevat



Yom HaShoah

Yom HaZikaron

Yom HaAtzmaut

Lag B'Omer


Tisha B'Av

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