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Jewish Experiences @ The J

Gateways to Jewish history, culture and celebration

Jewish Experiences at the J focuses on two organizational values. First, we are dedicated to enhancing the understanding and appreciation of Jewish history, values and culture. To this end, we host visiting scholars and writers, install exhibitions that explain Jewish history, feature Jewish luminaries, illustrate Jewish holidays or simply entertain.  We offer classes, discussion groups and workshops. 

At the same time, we believe that the J is uniquely positioned to bring members of our diverse community together. We reach out to individuals and groups of different faiths and ethnicities. Seeking to exchange perspectives on critical issues, reach goals that none of us could achieve alone, and extend our respective reaches into the community, we host interfaith, interethnic story circles, community art programs, study and  discussion groups and cultural events.

Remaining faithful to these twin values, Jewish Experiences at the J fosters Jewish pride and fellowship while contributing to the ongoing process of building a robust and highly diverse community. 

What's happening at Jewish Experiences @ The J right now and in the immediate future?


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