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Adult Jewish Education in Kansas City

Jewish Experiences at The J

The Jewish Community Center is dedicated to enhancing the understanding of Jewish history, values, and culture. One of the many ways we do this is through offering classes for adult Jewish education in Kansas City. A variety of activities from seminars to conversation groups enable individuals from all backgrounds to engage and learn about the Jewish culture in a friendly, judgement free, adult Jewish education environment.

The question we often receive is, "Do you have to be Jewish to participate?" No! Just like The J, these events and opportunities are open and welcoming to all. Whether you're a faithful Jew looking to further one's understanding and relationship with the Torah, you're new to our community and want to have a better understanding and appreciation of Jewish values, or are just curious, these programs are for you.

See what is coming up:


Israel - from Colony to State

A Military History of the Birth of the State of Israel

A Three-part Series

February 27, March 26, + April 23 | 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Cost: FREE (But reservations are requested by calling (913) 327-8044.)

Location: The J - MAC Room



Facilitated by Jacob Stoil. Jacob Stoil is an Assistant Professor at the US Army School of Advanced Military Studies. He holds a DPhil from Oxford University, an MA in History of Warfare, a BA in War Studies and an AKC in comparative religion and philosophy from King’s College London. Dr. Stoil has published on topics in Israeli military history, the history of the Second World War, and aspects of contemporary conflict.

Lecture 1 - Feb 27: "The Paramilitaries and the British in the Second World War."

This lecture will explore the lesser known aspects of the relationship between the Haganah, IZL, and the British during the Second World War. It will tell the story of the cooperation between the paramilitaries and the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) as well as how a series of daring and desperate plans helped shape Israel’s future wars. In doing so, it shows how the foundation for the War of Independence was laid by cooperation and lessons learned from the SOE.


Lecture 2 - Mar 26: "How the British lost Palestine, 1945-49"

This lecture will look at the period from the beginning of the Irgun Revolt in 1944 until the British decide to leave in 1947. It will explore the political intrigue and military activity that secured Palestine Mandate for the British and then demonstrate how these activities meant the British could no longer hold the territory. It will show the changes in the approach the British undertook and how the paramilitaries reacted, all of which led to the eventual decision of 29th November 1947.


Lecture 3 - April 23: "Winning the State: The War of Independence, 1947-49"

An overview of the military history of the War of Independence, while exploring some of the critical and forgotten dynamics and campaigns of the war, culminating in independence and a secure statehood.





Rosh Chodesh New Moon Women's Circle

The first monthly gathering for women of all ages!

Monthly Meeting | 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Cost: Free

Location: Club Room 3 (upper level of The J)


No Jewish knowledge or level of observance is required. Open to all women. Celebrate the beginning of the new lunar cycle. Facilitated by Dr. Hadas Moshonov-Cohavi, the group will explore attributes of the Hebrew month and its astrological sign according to the Hebrew Zodiac. An informal discussion will be followed by a guided meditation.

This program is designed to be a monthly gathering place where women will leave feeling relaxed, empowered, and spiritually charged as they welcome in the new month, says Moshovov-Cohavi, who has led Rosh Chodesh groups all over Kansas City.

Upcoming 2020 Dates:

  • March 25
  • April 23
  • May 24
  • June 22
  • July 21
  • August 20
  • September 14



Chai Mitzvah Journey

On Your Terms. At Your Pace.

Third Fridays | 1:00 - 2:15 pm

Cost: $36

March - April: Join us Virtually

Visit Our Virtual J


Chai Mitzvah is a national program combining informal study, ritual, and social action to create a meaningful personal Jewish journey. All people are welcome, no Jewish knowledge or observance is assumed! 

Together we'll deepen our engagement in Judaism through:

  • Group exploration: meet monthly with a set curriculum addressing critical Jewish issues (books provided!)
  • Independent study: choose a topic to explore from a Jewish perspective
  • Ritual: choose a ritual or spiritual practice to incorporate into your life
  • Social Action: choose a mitzvah (act of service) to carry out within the Jewish community


What subjects will we explore?

Adult Rites of Passage, Tzedakah and Philanthropy, Individual and Community, Interpersonal Relationships, Mindfulness and Conscious Living, Adding New Insights to the Passover Seder, Israel and the Jewish Spirit, Gratitude, Judaism and the Environment, Leadership, Death and Loss, and The Arc of the Holidays.


Learn More

Please contact Lauren to register at (913) 327-8007


Questions?  Please contact Lauren at (913) 327-8007.

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