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Read and Repair

Kids Book Club in Kansas City

Read + Repair: For families that want to repair the world

This year's class will be a hybrid class, with some classes being in-person and some happening via Zoom. More details about each class are outlined below.

The J is proud to offer Read + Repair, a kids book club in Kansas City that is impactful for the whole family with a focus on racial justice in Kansas City. Together families will read the selected book. As a group, we will discuss what we learned, and then put it into action in our communities. In addition to learning about powerful, relevant topics, in this kids book club in Kansas City we'll also learn how it ties into Jewish values.

For parents + kids in elementary/middle school


2020/2021 Dates

Theme: Racial Justice in Kansas City

Book: Kid Activists
by Allison Steinfeld + Robin Stevenson

Select Sundays | 2-4pm

August 30, 2020 (Try it FREE!) 
October 18, 2020 
November 15, 2020 
December 6, 2020 
January 24, 2021 
February 28, 2021 


See below for specific week breakdown and topics




In partnership with:


J Member Families $54 | Guest Families $72

Price includes the book and journal for the entire family.

Register Before Oct 18

After registering, you'll be contacted by Stacey Belzer (913-981-8803) for payment processing

Must register before the 2nd week of class. Class will not be pro-rated.


Check out weekly our book-based adventures:

Session 1: TRY IT FREE! Kick-Off Event via ZOOM!  |  Introduction to the book, the 5 Jewish values, and anti-bias training.

Session 2: Leading the Way  |  Freedom, justice, and human rights. These kid activists grew up to become visionary leaders who helped pave the road toward equality.
Field Trip: Negro Leagues Baseball Museum - Tour and Talk with Bob Kendrick

Session 3: Taking a Stand  |  Discrimination, poverty, and oppression. When these kid activists grew up, they became heroes who transformed their countries - but they learned firsthand about injustice when they were still children.
Virtual Field Trip: Never Again Action KC + JVS - On immigration

Session 4: Unusual Childhoods, Powerful Voices  |  From Hogwarts to Hawaii to the Caribbean Islands, these kid activists grew up in very different circumstances but each of them went on to touch millions of people.
Field Trip: Dividing Lines: A History of Segregation in Kansas City - Driving tour in cars
Additional Resources: JoCo Library - History of Segregation in Kansas City | Race Project KC

Session 5: Child Activists  |  Fighting for education and clean water, these kid activists make it clear that you're never too young to make a big difference.
Field Trip: JOCO Museum + JC Nichols Fountain

Session 6: Wrap-Up  |  We'll wrap up this session with deeper bias training and tie all the chapters together through Jewish values.


We Live These Values at The J

Welcoming + Inclusive - "Hachnasat Orchim"
   We are welcoming, inclusive and nurturing. We invite all to join us in making connections and lifelong friendships.
Building Community - "Kehilla"
   We believe in the strength of community and we seek to cultivate a sense of belonging in all we do.
Enriching Mind + Body + Soul - "Ha'asharah"
   We help individuals live a physically, intellectually, and emotionally healthy lifestyle.
Passing on Jewish Culture + History - "M'dor L'dor"
   We celebrate and pass on the values, culture, history, and traditions of the Jewish people.
Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated - "V'ahavta"
   We treat everyone with respect, dignity and loving kindness.

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