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Construction Updates

Imagine No Longer - The Expansion is Making Progress!

Continuing Our Commitment to the Community through The J Capital Campaign

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Expansion Progress - August 2020


Expansion Progress - As Of June 8


The expansion has continued to progress during the recent closure and has remained on schedule as planned. Be sure to preview the photo gallery to observe how the rooms are taking shape. In addition, we took advantage of having little to no traffic during the closure to renovate our current space with new flooring, paint, and light fixtures in the main lobby, the galleria, and several areas within the fitness center.


New Parking + Walkway

Fitness members are still encouraged to park south and west of the tennis courts, but as the facilities get busier we’ve now added a new temporary walkway to access the fitness facility from the parking lot NORTH of the tennis courts. The walkway will be open Monday through Friday, approximately 5:30 pm to close and all-day Saturday and Sunday. Please note, there may be exceptions. The temporary walkway can only be open during non-construction hours as this area is used by the construction crew before sunrise until the last crew member closes up for the day.

Should we experience construction delays due to weather or otherwise, the crew may occasionally work longer days and/or Saturdays, not allowing us to open the walkway at the exact specified times. There will be directional signage so you know where to enter.

We will fly an orange flag near the entrance for all to see when the gate is OPEN. If the orange flag is NOT flying high after 5:30 pm, you will know the gate is closed as the crew is still working. Please take note and ensure the flag is flying before you take the time to park, get your belongings, and walk to the entrance to possibly find it closed. The new temporary walkway will connect to the walkway adjacent to the tennis/gravel parking lot so that you can either continue to the Fitness entrance or to the ball fields.


Main Front Entrance

Please note also starting on Monday, June 8th, the front circle drive will be closed to vehicles for a minimum of 4-5 weeks. The plan is to work on half of the entrance at a time so the front entrance can remain open the entire time for patrons & employees. The sidewalks leading to the entrance will be closed off depending on which half of the entrance is being worked on at that time. Depending on which side you are coming from – if the sidewalk is closed, individuals will have to walk around the construction and enter through the other half.


Entrance Reminder

As a friendly reminder for fitness and pool users, please be sure to park and enter the facility at the Fitness + Sports + Aquatics entrance only. There will be no access to Fitness from either the Main entrance or The White Theatre entrance. It’s important we have an accurate count of the number of people in the facility at all times to ensure social distancing. Please excuse any messes inside the building as we are putting finishing touches on the renovations during the closure.



Expansion Progress and Drone Footage - As of May 13

The renovation of The J is well underway! We recently captured this amazing aerial footage showing the progress on the new expansion, landscaping, and remodeled front entrance. Special thanks to DHTV digital for capturing a view of The J from above.


Expansion Progress and Walk-through with Jim - As of May 1


It's been an exciting day!  Today the front of our building underwent the beginnings of a facelift. This is the first phase of updating the front entrance. As those members who are real estate agents would say, "We are improving our curb appeal."  It will be great to get back and see all the changes in person. Until then, be sure to review the expansion progress photos for an inside sneak peek at all the other changes and check back regularly for more exciting updates.


Expansion Progress - As of April 2


Progress on our expansion has continued even as we are closed! Under the stay-at-home order, construction is exempt, and therefore, has accelerated work on the exterior and interior of the building. This will help minimize program disruption once we are back open. Thank you to our construction crew for showing up daily to keep us moving forward!

The exterior is showing tremendous progress. The concrete walls for the new gym are up, and the space is taking shape. On the interior, the following work is underway...


Fitness + Sports:

The soffits and ceiling in the corridor from the Membership Experience Desk to the elevator have been taken out. Racquetball court #3 is having the glass replaced to match the others, while the other three courts are having the floors redone to match court #3. Targeted completion date to reopen the three courts is May 1st, while court #3 will be mid-May.


The Park (babysitting):

The entire space has been cleared out. The construction crew is in the process of reconfiguring the room with new walls, wiring, ceiling, and floor treatments. Targeted completion date is mid-May.


Ceramics Studio:

The entire space has been cleared out and will be moved to a new space in the expanded Art Studio on the second floor. Targeted completion date to reopen is sometime this Fall. Summer classes are in the process of being scheduled with a temporary location to be determined.


We are incredibly grateful to our capital campaign donors for their generous support who donated for this specific purpose. We look forward to experiencing community together again in our beautiful new space!


Construction Began in December - See Our Progress:


NEW: Additional Entrances Open for FSA on the Weekends

To provide some parking relief on the weekends, both the main entrance and White Theatre entrance will now be open on Saturdays from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm and Sundays from 8:00 am - 8:00 pm.

Upon entering the main entrance to the building and passing the security guard, walk straight to the Social Hall and turn right down the blue hallway where you will see the entrance to the second level of the fitness center.

Upon entering the theatre entrance, please note you will have to walk the long galleria hallway towards the front entrance past the security desk towards the Social Hall and turn right down the blue hallway where you will see the entrance to the second level of the fitness center. The hallway by the theatre restrooms which provides a shortcut to the fitness center is CLOSED and LOCKED on the weekends for security purposes.

Either way you choose to enter, you will be required to scan your membership card for access at the fitness center door. We ask you not to keep the door open and allow it to shut behind you so that any and all access is granted by scanned membership cards only.
Please note, on Saturdays, the main and theatre entrances will close earlier than the fitness center entrance, yet you will still be able to exit the building from either entrance.


This is truly an exciting time at The J! Thanks to the fantastic foresight of many donors, through donations small and large, our Capital Campaign is a huge success. We’re now ready to “imagine the future,” and the future starts today. As a result of our Capital Campaign, you’ll begin to see numerous enhancements and additions over the next 12 months. All of this promises to make your “J Experience” better than ever!


We've come a long way in our fundraising goals, but we could use your help to get us to the finish line!

Donate Today

With these improvements comes some temporary adjustments -- and some temporary inconvenience. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make way for a new, bigger and better J. We’ll do our best to provide clear directional signage and to provide clear, safe paths to classes and services with as little “mess” as possible. Please check back here for ongoing updates or email us with questions or concerns.
Thank you for being a J Member during this time of upgrades and growth.


Phase 1:

New: Expanded Parking Lot. Approximately 100 additional parking spots closer to the entrance.

Construction Vehicles on Site

Beginning immediately, construction trucks will be entering and exiting The J parking areas using the 115th entrance. Please use extra caution driving throughout the campus lots.

Tennis Court Removal

To provide closer parking to the NEW Fitness, Sports, + Aquatics (FSA) entrance we are going to remove two of the tennis courts. During this time, the remaining tennis courts will be closed. All of the parking spots directly behind the tennis courts will be closed as well.

A temporary gravel lot and re-purposed tennis court have been converted to a temporary parking lot for additional parking during the construction. It is important to be aware that there is only one way into the temporary parking and one way out and it is clearly marked. We encourage angle parking only on the gravel lot and have placed signage accordingly.

Parking Changes for Fitness + Sports + Aquatics Users

Please park by the Pool, West of the Tennis Courts, or South of the Tennis Courts.
We have installed a temporary walkway, west of the remaining two tennis courts, allowing safe and convenient access to the FSA entrance. Please note: This walkway is not ADA compliant and has varying elevations. Individuals needing accessibility access should park by the pool and use the permanent sidewalk.


Phase 2: The NEW FSA Entrance

Keep an eye out for more info via email, our website, and social media.


Questions regarding these changes?
Please ask any J staff member or contact us via email


We appreciate your patience and understanding as we begin this exciting process!


Capital Campaign Progress

Just announced! Capital Campaign Visionary, Michael Staenberg, has added another $600,000 matching gift challenge to his previous challenge. The perfect time to join in!

Every donation helps us meet a goal set and met by this amazing community we live in. We challenge you to give Chai (life) squared - $324, less than $1 a day. Can't do Chai squared? Then give Chai - just $18! Any gift, of any size, will help us strengthen our J so we can continue to enhance minds, bodies, and souls every day for years to come.

Give Chai Learn More

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