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Youth Basketball in Kansas City

Ages 3+

The J’s unique approach to youth basketball in Kansas City features quality, consistent coaching by knowledgeable coaches who help players of all ages advance their skills. As young players learn the game and grow their skills in a positive environment, they can continue to be challenged by participating in our leagues, camps, clinics, and more advanced development program. All skill levels are welcome to tryout or sign-up for these youth basketball programs.


Triple Threat Basketball Development Program

March 23 - May 17
Postponed start date with COVID-19 closures and recommendations.

Great for 3rd-8th grade. This is a year-round, comprehensive basketball training program that focuses on both the physical and mental aspects of player development. Combining general athletic training, skill development, and attention to the intangibles of being a well-rounded athlete, the Triple Threat Basketball Program is dedicated to helping individual players progress by utilizing a challenging curriculum and positive coaching methods, as well as maintaining high standards and expectations of all those involved.

J Members: $245 | Guest: $295


Program Features:

  • Supervised J Staff Coaches
  • Curriculum developed and overseen by professional staff
  • Tryout/evaluation required for all participants (see details below)
  • Two training session per week
  • Training groups/teams formed by skill level within grade ranges
  • Inclusion of agility/quickness training in each session
  • Registration for Spring Break Basketball Boot Camp is included
  • Games played against outside competition
  • Year-round programming available


Level 1: 3rd - 5th Grade

Mondays 5:55 - 7:15 pm + Thursdays 4:45 - 6:05 pm

Level 2: 6th - 7th Grade

Mondays 7:25 - 8:45 pm + Thursdays 6:10 - 7:30 pm

Level 3: 8th Grade

Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:00 pm + Thursdays 7:35 - 9:00 pm

Up to two skill-based teams will be formed within each level.


Spring Season Clinics

March 30 - May 22
Postponed in conjunction with COVID-19 recommendations.

The Spring Basketball Clinics are designed to help young players improve their fundamental basketball skills using age appropriate equipment. Each session will focus on the core skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting, but other skills will also be included during the program. The curriculum becomes increasingly more challenging as players progress to higher levels. Basketballs are provided during the clinic.

Level 1: Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Wednesdays 4:45 - 5:35 pm

J Members: $75 | Guest: $105


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Level 2: 2nd - 3rd Grade

Mondays 4:45 - 5:45 pm

J Members: $90 | Guest: $120

Level 3: 4th - 7th Grade

Tuesdays 5:00 - 6:15 pm OR
Wednesdays 5:45 - 7:00 pm
Girls: Fridays 4:45 - 6:00 pm

Participants may sign up for one or both days

J Members: $100 | Guest: $140 (For one day)

J Members: $145 | Guest: $195 (For both days)



Great for kids ages 3-PreK. Learn the basics of basketball such as dribbling, passing, and shooting (on age-appropriate goals.)

Participants in CDC and AKK are picked up and brought to the class and then returned to CDC and AKK as needed, eliminating the need for you to run them to activities in the evening!

J Members: $60-$95 | Guest: $90-$140 (some sessions have fewer classes due to holidays)


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Questions? Contact Daniel Marklewitz at (913) 327-8009 or by email.

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