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Brian W.

In the fall of 2017, I had a knee replacement done. I thought it would make life better and easier, but it didn’t. The surgery was a success, but I was just not ready to make the changes I had to make in my lifestyle to gain the benefits I was hoping for.

So in January 2018, badly overweight and unhealthy, I moved to Kansas City with hopes of a better life. I had to make the decision to actively pursue the life I wanted, not just hope it would happen. I was taking meds for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gout, and fluid retention. And because of a stroke I had almost 8 years ago, and subsequent trauma surgery and open-heart surgery, I have a permanent partial loss of some equilibrium. So for anything to change, I had to change the way I lived life, from my eating habits to my attitude.


My goals were losing weight, getting stronger, getting off prescription drugs, learning to choose happiness in life, and rediscovering my faith.


I didn’t go on a “diet”. I am continually learning about nutrition and healthy eating choices and decided not to exclude anything from being a possibility at meal time. I don’t ever want to make food an enemy, but rather fight the real enemy, which is overeating and making poor decisions about what, how much, and when to eat.


Getting stronger came slowly, but I noticed my endurance increased as my weight decreased. So, at first, I was just able to do a little more, for a little longer period. And after the first 50lbs came off, I began training at the J. There was some anxiety at first. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into or if it would make things worse instead of better. But Scott Croft and Roslyn Zuniga were eager and confident that they could help me.


I started seeing results within the first few sessions, mostly around self-confidence, but eventually the physical changes started to show as well.


When I started working at The J about a year ago, simple things like walking to and from the parking lot or shopping were difficult. I don’t even think about them anymore or try to park as close as possible to the door. I even did some snow shoveling this past winter and look forward (believe it or not) to doing some yard work this spring and summer. At first, the physical gains were small. Confidence was in short supply.


But with a lot of help and work, I am using weight machines, isometric weight training, stretching and exercise, and seeing increases from where I started to what I can do now.


In addition to gaining strength and endurance, I have gone from 7 prescription drugs every day, to half of just two of them (after a physical exam and consultation with my doctor). Hopefully I will be able to drop the remaining prescriptions and not rely on drugs anymore. I am 75lbs lighter and 5 sizes smaller than I was just one year ago!

My faith is stronger now, as is my hope and confidence in the future. So, when you see me, I’ll be wearing a purple nametag, with the Enriching Mind + Body + Soul value statement on it. And now you’ll know why.

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