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Dear Friends,

It is good to be back. We have been very busy working on our internal strategies and reviewing our protocols. We are also working on rolling out a new website, and we'll keep you posted as it comes closer to completion.

We are restoring consistency of Pizza at Hy-Vee. Due to recent renovations, which changed the space and equipment at the front counter in the Italian kitchen, we have had to put hot pizza nights on hold until management can work out how to facilitate this service. But take-and-bake pizzas should be in stock regularly now, and we are keeping a close watch to replenish in a timely manner with fresh pizzas.

Last summer the poolside snack bar at The J was under Vaad supervision for most of each week. This was very popular and we are looking forward to providing this service once again during the upcoming summer. The J will shortly advertise an opening for a summer position in collaboration with the Vaad. We will keep you posted with details as this develops.


Shopper Alert:

We've learned that there are Israeli peppers available at Trader Joe's. We completely support buying Israeli goods, but fresh produce from Israel must be tithed before it is enjoyed. The procedure for separating tithes is outlined beautifully in an article from the OU that can be accessed here.

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to perform a Mitzvah that is generally accessible only to residents of Israel. By purchasing Israeli produce we can separate tithes even while we live at such a great distance from the holy land.

In general it is a good idea to make a note of the country of origin of the produce we bring home. Carrots are occasionally imported from Israel, as well as other fruits during certain seasons. Dates and other dried fruits typically come pre-packaged and with certification. The certifying agency will have already arranged the tithing for such products.


Warm wishes and Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Yitzchak Mizrahi                                              Jeff Goldenberg
Executive Director                                                      President


For more information from the Vaad, click here.

Rabbi Yitzchak Mizrahi
Executive Director, Vaad HaKashruth of Kansas City
(913) 235-6077

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