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J Camp Swimming Lessons

Providing Red Cross Certified Swim Lessons to your Camper

J Campers entering 1st-4th grade in Barney Goodman and Sports Camp have group Swim Lessons each week. Those entering 1st and 2nd grade generally have morning swim lessons Mondays through Thursdays. Those entering 3rd and 4th grade generally have morning swim lessons Mondays and Wednesdays.

Swim lessons are taught by Red Cross Certified Instructors from The J Aquatics Department. The first day a Barney Goodman or Sports Camper goes to swim lessons, the Aquatics Staff will assess the camper’s swimming ability, and place the camper in a swimming level.

Red Cross Swim levels have eight swim lessons within each level. The swim lessons will be taught in a session of two weeks for 1st and 2nd graders, and four weeks for 3rd and 4th graders. For example, June 1-12, 1st and 2nd graders will complete the eight week lessons.

Campers who attend for one week of the session, will learn the skills that are taught during that time. Campers who attend multiple weeks will be able to learn more from their swim lessons.


Summary of Red Cross Swim Level and the swimming skills that are used to identify which group is best for each child:

 Preschool level 1: Enter the water independently, submerge mouth and blow bubbles, travel at least 5 yards assisted, float on back for at least 3 seconds.

 Preschool level 2: Glide on front for at least 2 body lengths, roll to back, float for 15 seconds. Swim using combined arm and leg actions on front for 3 body lengths.

 Preschool level 3: Step from the side of the pool into chest-deep water, start treading or floating for 15 seconds. Swim 5 body lengths using arm and leg actions.

All the preschool levels skills can be done with assistance.

 Level 1: Swimmer is able to swim front and back and recover after 5 or more yards.

 Level 2: Swimmer should already be able to jump into water independently, front glide and roll over to back position and recover.

 Level 3: Swimmer is able to swim on front 15 yards and recover and roll over to back and float, and recover without assistance. Front crawl, back crawl.

 Level 4: Stroke Refinement, front crawl 25 yards, swimmer should know all 4 basic strokes to begin this level.

 Level 5: Stroke Refinement, front crawl 50 yards, must be able to swim all four strokes 25 yards to begin this level.

 Level 6: Fundamentals of Diving, All four strokes 50 yards or more. Turns and diving

All skills done in Level 1 - Level 5 must be performed independently.


At the end of each session (after 8 consecutive lessons) parents will be able to access a swimming “report card” that will give details about the swimming skills their child has accomplished as well as skills they need to work on. To take a look at your child's progress, click here and enter your child’s last name.


Lesson Schedule

Our Red Cross Swim Lessons will be conducted in a two-week cycle. Each Red Cross lesson is eight lessons. Below is how we will schedule the swim lessons, generally, depending on weather and other conflicts.

1st & 2nd Grade | Weekly morning lessons Monday-Thursday

 Full-time campers will have 8 – thirty-minute lessons scheduled per two-week session.

 Part-time campers will have 4 – thirty-minute lessons scheduled per two-week session.

3rd & 4th Grade | Weekly morning lessons Mondays & Wednesdays

 Full-time campers will have 4 – thirty-minute lessons scheduled per two-week session.

 Part-time campers will have 2 thirty-minute lessons scheduled per two-week session.


Tips For Successful Swim Lessons

Bring a swim suit, towel, and goggles for swimming lessons each day.

A session is a two-week period. If your child only has the opportunity to attend one week, please keep in mind that your child is getting part of the lessons.

Take your child to the pool at night or on the weekend, and ask them to show you what they are learning in lessons. The more exposure to the water and positive re-enforcement, the more confident they will feel in what they are doing.

The J Aquatics Staff also offers private swimming lessons as well as group lessons outside of camp if you are interested.

Learn More About Group Lessons    Learn More About Private Lessons


Questions? Please contact the Aquatics department: Carrie Monaghan (913) 327-8012 and Hannah Rank (913) 327-8022.


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