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J Camp Glossary

Learn how to speak J Camp


Child Development Center. We offer full and part-time options throughout the year, including Camp! Children ages 1-5 years old get to experience their first Camp in the CDC.



Hebrew word for Elective or Activity. Barney Goodman Campers choose their electives in which to participate twice a week. Electives include traditional Camp activities such as sports, art, cooking, drama, and dance. Less traditional but equally fun activities revolve around silly themes like Trip Around the World, Astronaut Chug, and MORE!


Color Games (Week 3)

Barney Goodman, Sports Camp, and BOOM are separated into color teams (Blue Team, Green Team, Red Team, etc), to compete in Crazy Olympics-style contests and games. Counselors and Campers alike love to paint faces and bodies in their team colors, sport crazy hats, and lead all the cheers. Lots of fun for everyone!


Shabbat: Every Friday Afternoon

Hebrew for “Sabbath,” Shabbat is traditionally celebrated from sundown on Friday night to sundown Saturday night. At Camp, we prepare for Shabbat with Jewish customs such as lighting candles, tasting grape juice, and eating challah, a delicious traditional braided bread. Campers and counselors take this rare, quiet time during the week to sing songs, celebrate community, and reflect on a week well-spent.


Shaliach, Shlichim

J Camp is proud to host Israeli Counselors called Shlichim (emissaries) from the Jewish Agency for Israel. Thousands of talented and well-trained young adults complete their compulsory military service and are dispatched to camps across North America.


Spirit Stick

You might not have heard about it yet, but if you have a Camper in Barney Goodman, you’ll hear about it soon! The Spirit Stick is the branch of a tree from our ancient campground, imbued with the ruach (spirit) of generations of Campers and Camp counselors. This legendary stick picks only the loudest, most enthusiastic camp group to spend the day with. If you’re a block away, and you hear kids cheering at the top of their lungs, you’ll know they’re vying for the Spirit Stick!


Israeli Shuk

The Hebrew word for “marketplace” and one of Camp’s best-loved traditions! All Barney Goodman Campers will participate. Campers bring gently used toys, books, and school supplies for counselors to set up in the style of an open-air market (think a giant, kid-centric garage sale). Campers then go through and “barter” with counselors to buy each other’s things. Campers come prepared with $2 – $3. All proceeds are used to purchase school supplies for a local children's charity.



Hebrew for “songs” shirim is a chance for all kids to sing their favorite Camp songs and learn new ones. Barney Goodman Campers will participate in these song sessions during the week.



What could be better than a day at Camp? An EXTENDED day at Camp! Sometimes there’s too much fun to fit in between 9 am and 4 pm, and Undernights are the answer. Select weeks, Undernights are scheduled for Barney Goodman, Sports Camp, and Triathlon Campers. On those select nights, youth stay until 8:00 pm for extra games, a hot dog cookout, an evening swim, and a campfire–complete with songs, stories, and s’mores!



Questions? Contact DD Gass by email or at (913) 327-8079.

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