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Encore R 4

Encore! Tuition


Monthly tuition is based on a nine-month dance semester with approximately four classes per month.

For your convenience, tuition is payable monthly. There is no extra charge for months with five lessons nor is there a reduction or refund for any classes missed or holidays. Make-up classes are available throughout the week.  It is the parent/student’s responsibility to arrange make-up lessons. Contact Maggie directly to set up your payment plan for a monthly auto draft, or enroll online per semester or for the year. Sibling and multi-class discounts are only available by contacting Maggie.

Tuition cap is per student.

View detailed pricing information here

per week

Member Price
per month

Non-Member Price
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Leotards and shoes can be purchased at any time.

Conntact Maggie or call 913.327.4612 

  • Leotards (needed for levels 1 & up in lyrical & ballet): $25
  • Tap shoes: $25
  • Jazz shoes: $30
  • Ballet/lyrical shoes: $20

Other expenses:

  • Winter Showcase (included in tuition) - Rhinestones can be added to shirts for $2
  • Recital fee (not included in tuition; includes costume, tights & 4 tickets to the show): $90
    • Additional costume: $60
    • Tumbling costume: $50
    • Boys Costume: $60
  • Performance Team Fee: $25


Competition fees (Comp dancers only):

  • Entry fee per competitions: $50-$150, depending on groups or solos
  • Cost of choreography (solo, duo, trio): $150
  • Group Rehearsal fees: $180-$300 depending on group size. Includes choreography, comp classes, and rehearsal fees
  • Private lessons: meeting once a week= $230/10 pack of lessons, roughly three 10 packs per year- groups, duo/trios will split costs. (Due before the first private lesson, Maggie will notify families when their 10 packs are finished to purchase more)
  • Costume: $90 for the first costume, $60 each additional costume
  • Dance Shoes: $15-60, depending on the group dance
  • Makeup: $55 for kit- includes eyeshadow pencils, blush, brush, eyeliner/mascara & lip stain.
  • Team Gear: $95 Team Jackets. Team baseball shirts $25.
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