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F.I.T Camp

Small Group Training in Kansas City


Fall into Fitness with Focused Individualized Training (F.I.T.) in a small group setting!

This program is meant for those looking for a customized workout with individualized methods to meet you where you are in your fitness journey. Small group training in Kansas City provides a built-in accountability group to help you meet your goals.
This is a one-hour all-out total body conditioning class. Pre-F.I.T. assessments will take place in order to build the workouts around your needs. These will take place the week of October 14th.

Tuesdays + Thursdays at 6:30 pm
10 participants max
8-week session x 2 days a week: $249

Included in the cost:
MyZone Belt to track progress at every workout ($100 value)
F.I.T assessment and goal setting
16 F.I.T. Group Workouts - 2x's per week for 8 weeks
Private MyZone Group for accountability
Weekly challenges and incentives

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Strength + Lifting

Boost your metabolism by learning to lift weights!

This is an excellent class for beginners to weight lifting in a small group training setting. Group of 3-4 will be led through a pre-programmed class focusing on basic strength workouts using both free weights and machines. This class is intended to teach the basics of movements, proper weight selection, and rep scheme for optimal metabolism-boosting exercise! Small group training in Kansas City provides accountability and support throughout your sessions.

Session begins November 11 and consist of 12 sessions (2x/week for 6 weeks)
Training time will be chosen by your group. Questions? Please contact Roslyn at (913) 327-8155 or by email.

Fee: $150

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Boot Camp

Burn Fat + Build Muscle!

This intensive program is meant for those looking for an advanced physical workout. This is a one-hour all-out total body conditioning class. A combination of running, interval training, and many other exercises using free weights, and your own body weight will be utilized to help you lose body fat, increase cardiovascular efficiency, increase strength, and establish a regular exercise routine.
Receive expert guidance and pre/post assessments to challenge yourself beyond your current fitness level and help you reach your fitness goals.

Tuesdays + Thursdays at 5:30 am
8-week session x 2-days a week: $120 

Fall Session

10/15-19 - 12/03/19

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Winter Session Coming Soon!

Questions? Contact Brandi Ventre by e-mail or at (913) 327.8081.

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