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Aquatics at The J


Pool Hours

Enjoy our Olympic-sized outdoor pool with diving boards, family-friendly water slides, toddler-specific pool with toys and shaded screens to protect from the sun. Plus certified lifeguards on-duty and a convenient snack bar. 

Our comprehensive Aquatics program ranges from recreation to competition to instruction, with something for everyone beginning at six months old.  Fee-based instructions are available; classes in water aerobics and hardcore training classes are included in your membership. The Aquatics Department is an official American Red Cross Service Provider. All staff members and swim instructors are trained and/or certified. See the links above for more information on all of our Aquatics programs.

Youth Group Lessons Swim Club Adult Classes Customized Swim Lessons


For those looking to become Lifeguards or CPR Trained, and those looking to keep and upgrade their Lifeguard status, we offer Lifeguard and WSI Training as well as CPR Training. 

Lifeguard/WSI Training CPR Training

For lap-swimming enthusiasts, our indoor pool offers six lanes measuring 25 yards with depths from four to six feet. Our outdoor pool offers eight lanes measuring 50 meters with a depth of six feet and also features convenient walk-in entry.

See schedule for days and times of dedicated lap lanes. Master's swimming is held at these times on these days. Our pools and lanes can accommodate peak periods through lane-sharing and circle-swimming. When necessary, consult the poolside rules to ensure swimmer safety, convenience and courtesy. Our indoor swim area includes a whirlpool, along with a certified lifeguard at all times.

Pool Hours

Pool Rules

Lap Swimming Etiquette

While lap swimming is available, there are times when lap lanes are limited due to other programs. Please familiarize yourself with the pool schedule. Lap lanes are first-come-first-serve. However, during peak usage it will become necessary for you to share your lane with another swimmer(s). When approaching to share a lane, please ask the person who is already occupying the lane. When sharing a lane, each person may choose a side of the lane or circle swim. Please remember to stay to your side of the lane including your legs and arms.

Circle Swim Courtesy

When looking to join a lane for circle swimming, look at the speed of the other swimmers and select a lane that is appropriate for you. Then notify the swimmer(s) in that lane that you would like to join them. Keep to the right at all times. Swimming within a lane is by agreement of the majority. Swimmers should arrange themselves in speed order, fastest to slowest. Always be aware of what is going on in your lane. If a swimmer behind you looks as though he/she may overtake you on the next lap, stop and wait in the corner for the swimmer to pass Push off underwater to avoid making waves for oncoming swimmers.

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