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Financial Aid Application



If you have any questions while filling out this form, please contact Tammy Ruder by email or (913) 981-8878.


Applications for Membership Financial Aid are applicable to annual Memberships only. Please note, there will be a $25* application fee assessed upon completion of Membership enrollment.

Non-Members, please contact Bobby Carrico by email or (913) 981-8802 to process your membership application.


*The $25 application fee is only charged to new members, not recurring members. This fee will be applied to your first month's bill once the application and Financial assistance are completed. This fee does not affect those applying for financial aid for the Child Development Center or for J Camp.

Demographic Information
Type of Financial Aid required:
 Child Development Center - Full Time
 Child Development Center - Part Time
 After-School (*See next question)
If applying for After-School Program assistance, please indicate the number of days enrolled (2, 3, 4, or 5)
Head of Household Name
Head of Household Email
Marital Status
Address 2
Spouse or Domestic Partner Name
Spouse or Domestic Partner Email
Are you a member of a synagogue?
Occupation of Applicant (Business Name)
Business Address of Applicant
Occupation of Spouse or Partner (Business Name)
Business Address of Spouse or Partner
Please explain why you are applying for assistance.
Have you or any member of your family received an adjusted fee for any program, membership or service within the Jewish Community?
If yes, list Program(s) in the space below with the Full Fee Amount and the Amount You Paid:
Do you have children or other dependents living at your home?
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