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Personal Training for Adults & Youth

Individualized training, either every visit or occasionally, is available from a certified personal trainer to help you reach your goals.  A customized routine including a combination of weights, machines, cardio or other activities is the result of personal attention you're your trainer, who can motivate, spot or educate you each visit, or meet with you occasionally for a refresher.

Personal Training Sessions are prepaid and scheduled.
We Have a Personal Trainer that is right for you!
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A program will be tailored to your goals, abilities and safety, based on the principles and leadership developed by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Our certified personal trainers will review your results and help you reach your goals by creating a new exercise program or revise your current routine.
Contact our Fitness Information Desk at 913-327-8016 and schedule today with a Personal Trainer!
Members can establish exercise programs and fitness goals by enrolling in a free comprehensive fitness assessment.
Itemized Services Provided:

  • Re-assessment
  • Aerobic Capacity Testing
  • Muscular Strength & Flexibility
  • Body Composition


Also includes weight, height, and hip/waist ratio

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