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The Core: Volunteer Program for the Jewish Community Center

"Look at any caring, vibrant community, and you will likely see a culture of chesed (acts of loving kindness) practiced by good people like you at its core. By signing up to be a member of The Core, you provide the people power, talent and inspiration required by the Jewish Community Center to achieve its mission of providing meaning, wellness and joy within a welcoming environment of Jewish values. Your donation of yourself permits us to better serve our families, seniors and youth - and to afford to extend our services to those affected by economic hardship." - Jacob Schreiber, Executive Director

Frequently Asked Questions


Joining The Core

Signing Up:
Joining The Core is easy! The first step is to submit a Core Application.

  • Obtain a hard copy of the Application at the Main Reception Desk in the Main Lobby, Member Services Desk in our Center for Health and Human Performance, or Heritage Center, and return the completed application to one of those locations. 

Getting to Know Each Other:
Upon receiving your application, our Volunteer Coordinator creates a list of potential service opportunities based on the following criteria:

  • Your areas of interest and qualifications
  • Your schedule of availability
  • Current needs of The Center 

Getting the Right Fit:
After developing a list of possible opportunities, our Volunteer Coordinator will schedule a meeting so that the two of you can hone in on just the right fit. Each volunteer job is unique. Some require background checks and additional screenings, while others have very few requirements. Once you, together, choose the service opportunity that is right for you, you will complete prerequisite paperwork. For your convenience, paperwork can be submitted in person, by fax, mail and e-mail. Our coordinator will notify you when everything is complete. 

Pre-Service Orientation: 
Orientation acquaints you to the Center's structure, activities, policies and volunteer program. During this time, you will receive a tour of the facility and instruction on tracking your service hours. You will become familiar with The Core support system and be introduced to the department for which you will be volunteering. You must complete your orientation prior to starting your new assignment. 

Congratulations! You are now a Core Volunteer.  You will continue to receive on-the-job training and participate in evaluations of your experience as a Core volunteer.

Questions about The Core? Check out some Frequently Asked Questions.

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