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TechnoGym FAQ

TechnoGymCan I view the results of my workouts?
When you finish your workout, you can view training results at the TechnoGym Kiosks. This feature shows you information about your workout and compares it to past workouts you have completed. By selecting Training Results, you can view Workout Trends, Distance, Calories, Performance Index, and Weight Lifted. For example, the Calories tab can show you how many calories you burned in different areas like cardio, strength, and outside activities.

Can I input exercises I do outside the Club?
You can enter Activities into your exercise program by using the Kiosk. Credit your program with any kind of activity outside the Gym! From a Kiosk, sign into an exercise program and then select Modify SmartKey Exercises. There, you choose what activity you participated in, like walking, bike riding, or even activities inside the club such as a Group Exercise Program. When you view your training results, it will include how many calories you burned doing that activity.

Will the TechnoGym system help me keep track of my important numbers including body weight and blood pressure?
For those using the TechnoGym SmartKey, you can input your biometric values such as weight, blood pressure, and body fat % into the Kiosk each time you check in. This way, you can continually monitor your numbers to stay on track of your wellness goals.

What is the Performance Index (P.I.) on the Results Screen?
The Performance Index is a summary of the workout performed, given by the ratio between the average workload intensity and the average heart rate (H.R.) readings during the exercises. The formula is average workload / average H.R.

Can I record different weight on the machines than what the key tells me?
If you are lifting different weight on a machine than what your key tells you, punch in the + or - on the ISO control, where your key goes, so it records the actual weight you are lifting. If you want to make a permanent weight change, please fill out a blank form located at the fitness desk.

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