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Program Registrations

Enroll online  for many JCC programs.

Registration for these services is available only at the JCC:


  • Child Development Center Enrollment
  • Kids Konnection Enrollment
  • Camp Enrollment
  • Personal Training, Yoga or Massage
  • CenterSeason Theatre Tickets (verify or correct/delete)

We regret that discounts cannot be applied online.  Members with eligible discounts should register by contacting us directly at 913-327-8000.




Automatic Payment Plans

We offer several automatic dues payment options that are FREE and convenient, including EFT (checking account) withdrawals or Credit/Debit card plan.  Recurring payments can occur the 10th or 25 or each month, or, on a date that you specify.  Dues can also be paid over 3, 6 or 12 months. 


Free and Convenient Automatic Payment Plans:

         By EFT (checking account), credit or debit card

         The 10th, 25th of each month, or your choice of day

         Three, six or 12 months


For any of the above, simply complete the following authorization form and return it to our accounting department.  Natalie Phongphanh can be reached at 913-327-8036 for additional information.

Payment Authorization Form

Enrollments and Purchases Made Easy:

On-site purchases of supplies or services - such as a massage or training session are easy with either of two methods:

  1. Charges directly to a credit/debit card on file
  2. Charges directly to your membership account to be drafted at the end of the month.

Charges directly to a credit/debit card on file:
You can now store your credit/debit card information safely and securely at the JCC. If you are currently on a credit/debit card monthly payment plan for membership, child care, or camp, your information is already encrypted in our system and you may start using this feature immediately.

If you are not on a credit/debit card payment plan for any program or membership, set-up is easy by calling the accounting department at 913-327-8036. Once entered into our system your credit card number will be fully encrypted and kept confidential.

To use this feature at the Fitness and Sports Member Experience Desk or upstairs Reception Desk, simply tell the staff person, "Charge it to my card!"

Charges directly to your membership account:
Members and immediate family members are welcome to charge items directly to their membership accounts, to be drafted via credit/debit card or EFT (Checking Account Withdrawals) at the end of each month. We recommend this option for families enrolling in a variety of programs or paying for multiple items on automatic payment plans, because it allows for a single charge each month rather than multiple withdrawals throughout the month.


For example, if you are on separate payment plans for membership, early childhood, camp, Melton classes, dance or aquatics, this payment method will set one date each month for all your drafts; no need to track multiple withdrawals each month.

For easy sign-up, please complete the form below and email it to or bring it to either the Fitness and Sports Membership Experience Desk or upstairs Reception Desk.

Auto Draft Authorization Form

To use this feature at the Fitness and Sports Member Experience Desk or upstairs Reception Desk, simply tell the staff person, "Charge it to my card!"

To use this feature at the Fitness and Sports Member Services Desk or upstairs Reception Desk, just tell the staff person to, "charge it to my account!"

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