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Fitness & Sports: Group Exercise - Kinesis

Kinesis at The J

Kinesis is an alternative form of personal training emphasizing controlled movements. It enhances strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. The classes are guided by a certified personal trainer using state-of-the-art equipment. The Kinesis equipment works in multi-plane motion patterns in over 500 movements to improve your total fitness. With an emphasis on "core" training, your muscles work together as an integrated unit, balancing strength gains across all of the involved muscles.This emphasis on core strength provides for equal time on the abdomen, sides, back and other areas deep in the trunk all while increasing your balance, flexibility and aerobic fitness. 

Reserve time slot and instructor by registering at the Member Experience Desk. 
Classes are limited to seven 7 participants.
Contact our Member Experience Desk at 913-327-8010

The Power of Kinesis

  • All-in-One Cardio & Strength Training
  • Focus on core muscles
  • Increases Balance, Flexibility and Stability
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Integrated Movements = Total Body Workout

Kinesis Benefits 

  • A fun way to burn up to 30% more calories per workout
  • Great body toning for all muscle groups
  • Perfect for rehab patients, people looking for low-impact workouts, and anyone who wants a smooth transition as they get back in shape 
  • Performance enhancement: Athletes can design Kinesis programs that help maximize performance

What you should know about Kinesis:

  • Members may reserve a position for any scheduled Kinesis class ( a voucher must be purchased in order to reserve a class position).
  • When class is full, additional reservations may be made after a position has been vacated by a cancellation. When not at maximum capacity, a first-come-first-serve policy for class admittance will be followed.
  • Participants should pick up their voucher at the Member Experience Desk prior to class.
  • Members must cancel their reserved space one hour before the start of class or forfeit a voucher.
  • Most Kinesis classes are capped at six participants per session (minimum 4), increasing only at the discretion of the instructor.
  • All vouchers will be collected each day before class; each participant must have a voucher to participate.
  • New classes can be formed for you and your friends.
Contact: Marilyn Bruce at 913-327-8081 or email for more information.
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