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  1. What types of volunteer opportunities are available at the center? There are too many to list! Examples include: Lending professional expertise to strategic planning processes, serving meals at the Heritage Center, ushering for a Theatre performance, data entry or serving on one of our lay committees.

  2. Can I volunteer with a friend or a group?  Absolutely, there are many service opportunities that are great for groups such as special events. If you are a group leader, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 913-327-8042 to learn more.

  3. My schedule varies.  Are there volunteer opportunities that I can do on my own time?  Yes. Our Volunteer Coordinator will work to find just the right job that accommodates your schedule.

  4. I'd like to volunteer regularly but I have several dates that I will be out of town or unavailable.  Can I still volunteer?  Yes. The Center understands that scheduling conflicts may arise, and makes every effort to be flexible. To accommodate our volunteers, there are service opportunities that are excellent candidates for job sharing.

  5. Do I still have to fill out an application and do all the paperwork if I'm volunteering just once for a special event?  One-time special event volunteers do not need to complete a full application and go through the standard orientation process. However your event coordinator or volunteer coordinator will require you to sign a waiver/release and submit your name and address.

  6. Can The Center take volunteers that have mandated hours such as students or court appointees?  Yes. These individuals must complete an application and go through the same process as other members of The Core.

  7. Can I bring my child with me when I volunteer? Core Members have the added benefit of access to The Park at no charge. The Park accepts children between the ages of 3 months and 7 years, view The Park hours. Older children may accompany volunteers only if they are also signed up as a member of The Core, and have been placed in a position along side their parent.

  8. Is there a minimum age to volunteer? There is not a minimum age to volunteer. There are a limited number of opportunities available for children. Age requirements are listed on each service opportunity.

  9. I'd like to volunteer but have some physical limitations.  Are there opportunities that can accommodate my needs?  The Center is happy to make accommodations when possible and appropriate to the service opportunity. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information at 913-327-8042.

  10. I can't make it into The Center during regular business hours. Can I sign-up online? An application can be downloaded online. It can be mailed after completion or scanned and emailed.
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